Solutions to Fight And Beat Nail Polish Stains on Carpets

It can be a frustrating experience for anyone to see a carpet stain. It can even be more frustrating to find out that nail polish is the culprit. A carpet stain is an eye sore and it can be difficult to remove. It may be time to think about Carpet cleaning wellington. Fortunately, there are several ways of removing this popular beauty product from your carpet. Let’s take a close look at some easy tips that can help you remove nail polish from your carpet.


It is imperative for you to remember the following before you start the process: It is vital for you to let the nail polish stain dry before make an attempt at removing it. The stain area can increase if you try to remove a wet stain. Scrape it thoroughly after it dries. Take care of the carpet while you are trying to remove the stain. Also, before you try any of these techniques, do them in one small corner of your carpet to see if the color of the carpet is retained. This can help you avoid leaving a whitish patch in the area where the stain was removed.


Nail Polish Remover


Put a small amount of acetone free nail polish remover in the center of the stain. Allow it to penetrate through the area for a short period. Blot the stained area gently with kitchen paper. The kitchen paper will absorb the nail polish. Allow the stained area to dry.


Glass/Window Cleaner


Use a glass or window cleaner to get rid of the nail paint stains. This stain removal method is well-known for providing exceptional results. Rub the glass or window cleaner over the stain with a utensils scrubber. Damp the area with cotton fabri

Baking Soda


Carpet cleaners wellington knows that baking soda has wonderful ingredients that can remove stains with ease. Mix baking soda with warm water to form a paste. Apply the paste to the stain. Scrub the area with a durable scrubbing-brush after a period of time has passed. Finish by drying with a damp cloth.




Soak a towel in acetone. Dab the towel repeatedly over the nail polish. Spray this area with water after the stain has been removed. With a dry towel, dab the treated area to make it dry.


White Shaving Foam


White shaving foam is good for pulling out nail polish. Please remember to only use white shaving foam. Gel shaving foam will not produce any positive results.


Put the white shaving foam on the stain. Rub the foam over the stain in a circular motion with a nail brush or scrubbing-brush. After you finish, rub it with a clean damp cloth.


Amyl Acetate


Apply amyl acetate to the nail polish stain. Cover the stain with an absorbent cloth dampened with amyl acetate. After fifteen minutes have passed, loosen the stain by scratching it repeatedly. Be careful with this process. You don’t want to damage the carpet fibers. Clean the area with a dry-cleaning solvent.


Warm Water


You need a clean wiping cloth and a bowl of warm water for this technique. Blot the excess polish. Rub the remaining polish with the damp cloth. In this situation, speed is of the essence. You cannot allow the stain to dry. This technique will work if the polish is light in color and the layer is not thick.


Maintaining nail beauty is one endeavor that women will always embrace. Unfortunately, one drop of nail polish can stain your carpet. Carpet cleaners wellington may come to mind if you accidentally spill nail polish on your carpet. Don’t panic or scream if the nail polish creates a stain. Take advantage of the tips listed above. They are effective at removing nail polish stains from carpet.